You’ll Want To ‘Take Off Victoria’ With Peter Hadar

To say that Peter Hadar's newly released EP, Take Off Victoria, was a long time coming is putting it lightly. As I was going through the SoulBounce archives, I saw that we've been anticipating this set since early 2010 when Hadar gave us the first taste with the electro funky first single "Full Time Lover." Then he broke us off with two more selections from the set with the infectious "Your Body" and "Dancin'" in 2011. But much like good sex, the wait for Take Off Victoria has been well worth it and just as satisfying. In addition to those three aforementioned cuts, there are three new songs rounding out the EP, which is as sexy as the cover would lead you to believe. However, the collection isn't conventionally sexy, as there are no slow jams to be found here whatsoever. Instead, Hadar knows that foreplay doesn't always start in the bedroom and wants you to start your session on the dance floor with body-moving grooves that run the gamut from electro soul ("Shiny & Oily") to soulful house ("Move It") to new wave ("Take Off Victoria"). This eclectic collection will make you want to put your back into it and work up a good sweat. Take Off Victoria is available for free from Bandcamp, or if that sum is too low a price to pay (which it is, truth be told), then it's also for sale via iTunes. 

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