Act Like ‘Ya Know’ About The Internet

Odd Future's compilation The OF Tape Vol. 2 drops today. We've already given you a taste of Frank Ocean's lone solo contribution "White," and today we bring you The Internet's feature on the album. "Ya Know" is a continuation of the musical themes featured on the duo's Purple Naked Ladies. Syd and Matt bring their signature spaced-out electro-funk groove on this cut, and once again give flashes of a modern day version of The Time (lyrically, at least). There is also an evolution of sorts songwriting-wise. We already saw evidence of this on PNP's accompanying bonus EP, and it seems that it's only getting better from here. Aside from Frank and The Internet's standalone tracks, The OF Tape Vol. 2 also features collaborations with some of the collective's more controversial talents. Of course, in this digital age, it's easy to separate a few diamonds from the rough.


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