Brandy & Monica Take ‘It All’ Back

Brandy and Monica's latest collaboration "It All Belongs To Me" had a lot to live up to after the smash success of their last duet, "The Boy Is Mine." While I felt that it was lacking initially, I must admit that the song has grown on me a bit after giving it a few more spins. Also aiding in my acceptance is their video for the track, which premiered on VH1 late last night. Staying fairly close to the song's lyrics, the ladies strut around the video in their haute couture best as they give to their men only to take it all back when those very same men start showing out. It culminates in the video's final scene where the ladies, dressed in all black (like The Omen) go all Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale on an expensive car filled with the things they gave (fitting since they dedicated the video to their fallen mentor and Waiting to Exhale star Whitney Houston). Does this video reinvent the wheel? Nah, but it's still an entertaining watch.

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