LaTina Webb’s Lookin’ Good In Her ‘Honey’s T-Shirt’

I've already extolled the fact that black-and-white equals sexy when it comes to music videos. Here to verify that is the sexy LaTina Webb. Her new video for Toes in the Sand's "Honey's T-Shirt" is exactly what the title suggests: LaTina in nothing but a white t-shirt and a smile. While in most cases this would be a little raunchy, she manages to keep it classy and, once again, sexy as she parades around the video's simple set. The song itself is an upbeat little slice of pop that serves LaTina's voice and style well. Harkening back to the heydays of Prince protégés like Sheila E. and Sheena Easton, LaTina mixes nice and naughty so well. Why am I even stalling, though? I know you guys just want to see Ms. Webb do her thing, so check it out below.

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