Leah LaBelle Wants To ‘Sexify’ You

I don't know where I was last week, but somehow I missed this little nugget. Songstress Leah LaBelle is a former American Idol contestant that seems to have made good. Now signed to Epic Records and under the wings of Pharrell Williams and Jermaine Dupri, it seems that Leah is ready to take on the world. Her debut single, the Pharrell-produced "Sexify" is certainly a good start. Pharrell has matched Leah's slight rasp with a decidely '90s-sounding track that's a pretty good fit for her. On it, Leah talks a good game about what she can do to keep a man coming back for more, even offering a bit of advice for those who aren't in the know. It's a solid enough cut, but will it be enough to get Leah at the top of the charts? With its throwback R&B feel, I highly doubt it. Still, it's enough to get folks interested and a decent first effort, plus the clout of Pharrell and JD can't hurt. See if Leah can "Sexify" you by clicking below.

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