Marques Toliver Is Having A Magical ’24 Hours’ In Paris

Last week I was lucky enough to catch the enchanting Marques Toliver live alongside with the equally talented Lianne La Havas as they brought the UK Leg of their tour to a close. Having seen several recorded live performances from Marques before, I thought I had a pretty good idea what to expect, but being there in the room with just him and his violin took things to another level entirely. The guy is funny and engaging with the audience, and his voice is mesmerizing, especially when he came down off the stage and sang "White Sails" in the middle of the crowd -- about four feet away from me -- with no mic, just him and his violin. It appears the good folks over at France's Now Playing Magazine are equally as smitten with Toliver as I am, so much so they invited him to take part in their NP Sessions while in Paris. Marques performed personal favorites "White Sails" and "Charter Magic" (both of which you can view after the bounce) and a new track named "24 Hours," taken from his as-yet-untitled upcoming album.

After the bounce

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