Micah Smith’s ‘Against The Wall’ Is Just Right

Baltimore, Maryland's own Micah Smith recently released his highly-anticipated debut album, All of My Heart. Listing Men of Standard, Mary Mary, Donny Hathaway, Take 6, and Ella Fitzgerald as influences, Micah has the ability of balancing and blending the sounds of gospel, soul, and jazz in quite an incredible way. "Against The Wall," a bubbly take on The Price Is Right theme, finds Micah swaying and scatting to ensure you that if you stumble or fall, God will still be around. Micah's smooth tone, the crisp, clean background vocals, and beautiful instrumentation will whisk you away with each listen. All of My Heart, featuring standouts like the D'Angelo-tinged "Walk By Faith" and sweet saxaphone duet "Back To You," is available via Amazon or iTunes now. For more information on Micah Smith, be sure to visit his website.

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