Watch Szjerdene Sing Her ‘Blue Lullaby’

When we last spoke of UK songstress Szjerdene, we were left with a few questions about her upcoming release Patchwork, The EP. But now, with it scheduled to be released March 27th -- as in next week -- it seems that we don't have long to wait for answers. While we ponder what to expect, Szjerdene throws us a bone by releasing the EP's first single and video "Blue Lullaby." We first gave you a taste of "Lullaby" when we deemed her Bounce-Worthy waaaaaay back in '09, so it's great to finally see this track get its visual due. Like the song, the video is a haunting, slightly melancholy affair as we get glimpses of Szjerdene and a young girl as they both take emotional journeys. What transpires in the clip? Well, it's not exactly spelled out. Rather than explain my theories, I'll let you come up with a few of your own when you press play.



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