Get Stuck In Austin Brown’s ‘Groove’

Seriously, we should just clear a day to devote to the musical greatness that is Austin Brown. His current Music Monday series, in which he drops a new as-yet-unheard track for our listening pleasure weekly, has yet to hit a sour note. The latest entry is the laid back "Groove 92." In it, Austin describes coming to after a wild night of partying. There's mention of shots, half-naked women running about, Austin losing his pants, and, of course, the temporary amnesia that comes along with a wild night. While he's not sure exactly what happened, he's positive that a good time was had the with the lady he's waking up next to. Sounds like my type of party. Musically, this groove is hitting all the right switches with it's '90's throwback vibe and those infamous Jackson™ backing vocals making it an affair you definitely won't forget the next morning. Word is that the Music Monday series might dry up a bit as Austin gets to work on his much-anticipated debut. If that's the case, I'll be sad to see them go, but anxious to see what a full-length from the talented Mr. Brown will bring to the table. If you want to get lost in Austin's "Groove," press play to get your fill.
After the bounce

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