Catch A Peek Of Frank Ocean’s ‘Wedding’

A hologram of Tupac might have been the topic of the week after Coachella's first weekend was done, but the lack of a huge spectacle this weekend allowed other acts to get some deserved shine. One such act was Mr. Frank Ocean. After technical difficulties plagued the beginning of his set with Odd Future last week, his solo set this past weekend went off without a hitch. And, ever the rebel, Frank even surprised the crowd with a rendition of "American Wedding." Word on the street was that Don Henley of The Eagles threatened to sue Frank if he ever performed the song, which samples The Eagles' "Hotel California," live again. Frank seems to have gotten around this stipulation, however, by changing the song's arrangement and melody, stripping any parts reminiscent of "Hotel California" while sticking to the original lyrics. While the changes do give the song a much different feel than its original incarnation, the song still remains one of Frank's best songwriting efforts to date and a great song about love and marriage in America. While Frank's earlier live outings seemed to have their share of issues, it seems that he's definitely coming into his own on the live front. Could a solo tour and album be up next? [H/T: RU]

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