It’s Never ‘Whatever’ When It Comes To Karina Pasian

Somewhere down the line, I admit, I forgot to keep tabs on Karina Pasian. Not that I wasn't championing her back in 2008 when she dropped her solid debut album, First Love, it's just that I lost track of the time. Well, she's not "16 @ War" anymore, she's got a becoming bleached 'do, and she's the big 2-0 now, so that tired cliché "growing like a weed" bit is apt, and growth has certainly come to her music wise. So catching myself up on what Karina has been doing as of late has been quite a treat, as she released an EP late last year entitled, Trips To Venus. As a teaser for a re-release of Trips, she dropped for free the Needlz-produced track, "It's Whatever," that bounces along on a sweet piano beat as she recounts some wishful thinking (from owning a wand like Harry Potter, eating cereal three times a day, diving into a pool of marshmallows -- is she reading my journal?). I hate to use the word "cute" for things, because there are other words, but the visual for the track is just that, as Karina and some friends re-enact all of her wishes (though the pool of marshmallows are really packing peanuts...oh well). It gave me serious flashbacks of those sinister school days where we made home videos for school projects -- just lots of fun and highly imaginative. For all of that, okay, Miss Pasian you've got my undivided attention again. Pick up Trips To Venus over at iTunes for the sweet n' low price of $3.99.



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