Melanie Fiona Puts In Some Dirty ‘Work’

Melanie Fiona looks to be shedding her sweet nice girl image like Rihanna sheds clothes with the in-yo-face video for "Watch Me Work." Melanie goes all off the wall with these visuals that splice together footage from dozens of films featuring female bad asses on their worst behavior. Movie buffs will recognize scenes from Kill Bill, Thelma & Louise, Jackie Brown, What's Love Got To Do With It?, G.I. Jane, Bridesmaids and many other flicks with leading ladies who took no shorts or sh-t. There's blood, guts, foul language, violence, and all manners of mayhem in this video, which is NSFW or the kiddies. At the end, the words "Live Your MF Life" splash across the screen and it certainly seems as if Melanie Fiona is living hers mighty dangerously.



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