This Norah Jones Video Isn’t Exactly ‘Happy’

When we first sampled Norah Jones' "Happy Pills," the first single from her upcoming Little Broken Hearts, it felt that Norah, through super producer Danger Mouse, had finally found that missing piece that added the needed zip to her music. Now with the premiere of the song's video, it seems Norah has also found a flair for the cinematic. In the clip, we see Norah in all of her late '50's/early '60's era splendor as she deals with the issue of a cheating lover. It's obvious that some sort of mystery is afoot as we get fleeting glimpses of her beau interspersed with scenes of Norah speaking with a police officer and meeting with a private investigator, all scored by the song's southern-fried guitar. It's not until the video's end that we see what dirty deed Norah has done to free herself of her philandering lover. Of course, being the fan of a good story that I am, I won't spoil the ending for you. If you want to know what happens, hit play below. Also, be sure to stay tuned for Little Broken Hearts when it makes its way to shelves on May 1st.

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