PJ Morton’s New Video Might ‘Break’ Your ‘Heart’

There's nothing more frustrating than watching a relationship crumble to pieces and not being able to prevent its demise. That sobering dilemma takes center stage in PJ Morton's new video, "Don't Break My Heart," taken from his recently released EP, Following My First Mind. In the clip, we see PJ sitting helplessly as his former lover packs her things. Although simple in execution, the video perfectly conveys the defeat that sets in when a relationship has reached its breaking point. Shoulders slumped and brow furrowed, PJ rarely breaks away from the camera, except to steal a few glances at his ex as she rushes about the room packing away remnants of their life together. Regardless of where you and your relationship status stand today, most of us been in PJ's shoes (or chair, in this instance) and know firsthand how disheartening it can be. Peep the visuals below and see if you can feel PJ Morton's pain.