Spend Some ‘Time’ With Eric Roberson’s Latest

Eric Roberson is one of few contemporary masters of the love song. While most are content with only covering the more lustful side of love, he opts to view it in all its glory and nuances. This is why his tunes about first love are just as powerful as his songs about heartbreak. Case in point, his newest single (and album standout) "At the Same Time." In the video for the song, Eric brings on the heartache as he weaves a tale about that most unfortunate circumstance of love: bad timing. We've all had that one that got away not because of any wrongdoing or mistakes, but simply because the timing just wasn't right, and Eric illustrates this perfectly in the song's video. We find Eric, ever the songwriter, spending a lot more time with his piano and pen than with his lady. Of course, this leads to some friction between him and his lady love and, eventually, the demise of their relationship. The video perfectly captures the feeling of regret that Eric expresses in his song while featuring his leading lady looking gorgeous (though heartbroken). Of course, Mister Nice Guy is filled with quite a few great musical moments, but "At The Same Time" might just be one of my favorites.

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