The Mixologists: Keyknow’s ‘Samba Soul’

This month's Mixologists mix might be a week late, but trust me, it's right on time. Today is our main man in the mix Keyknow's birthday, and he's sharing his gifts with this musical celebration that he calls Samba Soul. This latest journey into sound is like spring break for your ears. Samba Soul combines beauty of Brazil with the sultry and soulful music of artists such as Robert Glasper Experiment, Incognito, Julie Dexter, and so many more into one soulful package. Press play and let this master mix take you away.

Keyknow Samba Soul [Download][Subscribe in iTunes]


Robert Glasper Experiment feat. KING - Move Love (Ahmed Sirour Bossa Soula remix)
Still Phil - Beautiful (Feel You All Over)
Ivy Chanel - Wind Blows (Samba Soul remix)
Rhian Benson - Rewind
Donnie - Do You Know
Khari Cabral feat. Sabrina Malheiros - Major Bossa
Incognito - That's The Way Of The World (Ski Oakenfull vs Incognito remix)
Hardage feat. Jocelyn Brown - Beautiful Day
Julie Dexter - This Thing Called Love
Incognito - The Stars From Here
Dira - Won't You Come With Me
Janita - Let Me Love You
Carlitta Durand & Vaughn Garcia - Lost Love (Shecky's Bittersweet Bossa Nova
Wildcookie - Touchy Touchy

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