Usher Makes Us ‘Scream’ In Agony

There used to be a time when new music from Usher was a sure bet. In recent years, however, his musical offerings have become more of a crap shoot, with an emphasis on the crap. We had high hopes for his upcoming album, Looking For Myself, to signal a return to the soulful Ursher we've been missing of late with the surprisingly good single, "Climax," but those hopes and dreams have been kicked to the curb like his ex-wife with his brand new single, "Scream." Usher took one step up only to take one giant leap back to the wack with this technoisy mess. I lasted exactly 1:11 my first time listening to this because it was just that bad, and only listened to the entire song for the sake of writing this piece and it got no better. Maybe if I was high on X and Red Bull I might feel differently, but this is so disappointing to hear from someone with his amount of talent who has clearly sold his soul to the dance music devil.     


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