We Say ‘Bravo’ To Ledisi’s Latest Video

There are some artists who elicit head shakes and shoulder shrugs when you think about their unwarranted success. But then there are others who make you want to fist pump and do backflips when they finally get the recognition that they deserve. Ledisi is one such artist who I'm so happy to see her star ascend. Her music has evolved from a more jazzy sound to a radio-ready R&B vibe, but she's remained the same old Led and for that I have to give her a round of applause. While I'm clapping it up for my girl, I'll have her song "Bravo" on repeat, which has become an empowering anthem of sorts and now has a music video to go with it. Ledisi commands the stage while a pumped-up audience shows her love as each crowd member rocks a t-shirt with positive words describing who they really are beyond what meets the eye. This uplifting piece was directed by Erica D. Hayes, and watching it will make you thankful for all of your blessings.

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