Columbia Nights Will Take You To ‘Dawn | Dusk’

We introduced you to the Bounce-Worthy group Columbia Nights a few weeks back, and this week they have hit us with their seven-track album Dawn | Dusk, which takes the listener on a journey through a dreamy day from dawn to dusk. Well, at least this is where I was transported to from the
opening ambient notes of "Dawn" til the sunset of "Dusk."

On their debut, Columbia Nights, aka musician/producers Hayling Price and John E Daise, effectively carry the listener off into a daydream-like
state, with their stripped back electronic soul groove, that they describe as "soultronic." Aided by the vocals of Sarai Abdul-Malik, (who reminds me eerily of
N'dambi in her tone), they use layer upon layer of delicate touches, such as flourishes of guitar, as heard on TThe Firmament," perfectly placed harmonies, scatting and spoken word, as on "In the Glow" along with the placement of eloquent keys and bass throughout, to create a story with this album. Imagine a perfectly beautiful autumn day, the sun shining through the trees that are growing ever increasingly bare with the last few golden leaves lingering on the branches. This is the picture this album paints. It never strays far from that feeling that it is creating. Whether telling us to see life in colors like on "Watercolors," or to fly on in the first single "As You Are," they never fail to draw you in to their vision with their laid-back, intricately beautiful sounds.

You won't find any upbeat party jams on here, but I wouldn't take this album any other way. Dawn | Dusk is purely blissful, transient, electro soul. The only criticism I have is that by the time "Dusk" came around I wasn't ready to snap out of this state of reverie just yet. I wanted just a little more of what Columbia Nights was offering.

Columbia Nights Dawn | Dusk [Amazon][iTunes][Bandcamp]

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