Ester Dean Will Inspire ‘Baby Making Love’

Ester Dean is very pleased with her man and she wants him to know it. To show her gratitude, she challenges him to take it there -- anywhere -- in her steamy new song, "Baby Making Love." She guarantees she'll fulfill all of his fantasies, checking them off one by one. I believe her, too (you need to hear the song, she's very convincing). Her cadence is hot and her voice has a distinctive, scratchy quality that sets it apart. The song reeks of the '80s and had me reminiscing hard about more than a few jams from back in the day. As soon as the song ended, I searched my library for Rose Royce's "Love Don't Live Here Anymore," The System's "Don't Disturb This Groove" and Klymaxx's "Divas Need Love Too." There are many things best left in the '80s -- shoulder pads, Hammer pants, lip-synching -- but the songs that inspired Ester's latest aren't among them. The GRAMMY-nominated, BMI Pop Songwriter of the Year award recipient will be dropping her debut album sometime this year. No word on exactly when, but it needs to be soon.


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