Get ‘Down’ With Jess Harlen

Melbourne, Australia based, New Zealand born soul singer Jess Harlen recently released her sophomore album, Park Yard Slang, which has been receiving critical acclaim Down Under. To accompany the album she also released the music video for lead single, "Let You Down," which also happens to be the peppiest, happiest, catchiest, most sugary-sweet moment on the album. That's not to say, that this isn't palatable, Harlen's sweet vocal styling coupled with her credible songwriting ability make up for the commercial sensibilities of the track. To match the track, the music video
is just as fun, not taking itself too seriously. The video sees Harlen running after a
friend, stealing all kinds of modes of transport on her way to catch up with them,
presumably so as not to "let them down"? But maybe they are the one who let her
down? Check out the video to see for yourself.