Kissey Asplund Will Kick You Out Of Her ‘House’

Swedish singer Kissey Asplund seems to have mastered the art of the musical tease. She'll give us some new music, then lay low for a minute. Though it can be absolutely maddening waiting during those lulls between releases, the end product is always worth it. And this time is definitely no different. She recently hit fans off with not one but two new tracks via her SoundCloud page. The first, "House," is a sassy kiss-off that is dripping with '80's influence. From the electro track to Kissey's self-assured sing-talking, I couldn't help but think of ladies band Klymaxx and how it could've easily been Bernadette Cooper kicking folks out of her crib. The other song, "All Night," has a markedly different feel, with Kissey's delicate vocals fitting like a puzzle piece to the sparse, piano-laden track. Continuing to prove that she's a musical chameleon, I only hope we don't have to wait forever for more.


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