See What Columbia Nights ‘Are’ All About

To coincide with the release of their album, Dawn | Dusk, Bounce-Worthy group Columbia Nights have released the visuals to go with the first single, "As You Are." Directed by Wildersee, the music video adds to the daydream aesthetic of the track, featuring scenic views of earthy, leafy landscapes contrasting with that of urban streets, with Columbia Nights themselves overlooking all this. The duo are seen taking one of those lazy afternoon walks, you know the ones where you stop and revel in the beauty around you, while contemplating the complexities of life and the future (in this case I'd hazard to guess they're contemplating the next step to take after delivering a stellar debut album). Add to this whimsical light filters and exquisite shots and you have a music video that enhances the energy and feeling of this mellow, electro-soul track. If you feel like taking a few minutes out from the regular routine of your day, then delve into the beauty of "As You Are" below.