You’ll Have No Choice But To ‘Keep Lovin” The New Freddie Joachim & Carlitta Durand

Every year around this time, I begin my hunt for what will become my anthem for the summer. Although there's no set rhyme or reason to my selection process, the song generally tends to be mid- to uptempo, have a banging beat and possesses the uncanny ability to put me in a good mood, regardless of the circumstances. The competition for selecting this year's anthem just got a bit more fierce with the release of Freddie Joachim's latest. Teaming up with North Carolina songstress Carlitta Durand, Joachim delivers a strong contender that feels both new and throwback-vintage at the same time. While I always love hearing Durand's voice, it's Joachim's infectious tune that reels me in. Anything that has the ability to put me in good spirits while trapped behind my desk at work has to be a certifiable jam. Whether or not it becomes the song of the summer, it'll definitely have a place on the playlist. And with a remix courtesy of Eric Lau, this song just may be showing up twice on my summer soundtrack. "Keep Lovin'" is the first single from Joachim's upcoming album, Fiberglass Kisses, due out May 7th.


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