Charles Hammond Jr. Is ‘The Truth’

Hello, My Name Is..., the title of Charles Hammond Jr.'s debut release, is apt given that most readers will have never heard of him before. He released a brief teaser video for the project back at the beginning of the year and now, six months later, we get a fuller introduction to the talented singer/songwriter by way of this four-track EP. Charles is a modern soul-man at heart with a voice that can melt a heart as easy as it can raise the roof. Comparisons will abound with this guy, I've already seen Maxwell and Rahsaan Patterson mentioned in the same breath, and I have to say those comparisons are pretty close to the mark, not necessarily in terms of his vocals (although I can hear Rahsaan singing the opener "(Re) Introduction"), but in terms of his overall approach and willingness to color outside the lines a little. The whole EP is worth a spin or five, but it was "The Truth" that really caught my ear with its mashup of '70's-styled soul and a modern production aesthetic. What's even better is that the EP is available as free download, either via the SounCloud link below or Charles' Bandcamp page. Honestly, it's a shame that Bandcamp download isn't "name your own price" because, after listening to this a handful of times, I would go back and lay down a few £/$'s. [H/T: PBB]


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