Do You Like The Taste Of Azealia Banks’ ‘Liquorice’?

I'm not too fond of new jack artists who talk hella sh-t when they've been in the game for all of five minutes. Hence my ambivalence to Miss Azealia Banks whose mouth has been writing a whole lot of checks that her talent really has yet to cash. With last year's underground hit "212" putting her on the mainstream map, she's since inked a major label deal, released an EP (1991) a few weeks back, has a mixtape (Fantasea) on the way in a couple weeks and will see her debut album (Broke with Expensive Taste) drop later this year. Her sound and music is definitely different as we've recently heard on the track "Aquababe" from Fantasea, and now we get to see and hear more with the music video for the song "Liquorice" from 1991. It almost sounds as if she's trying to bring hip-house back on the track, and the video finds the city slicker in the wild, wild West horseback riding, wearing booty shorts and leather chaps, gunslinging and provocatively eating hot dogs and popsicles. What any of this has to do with the song is anybody's guess, but if nothing else it does make for an interesting watch. I'm still not on the Azealia Banks hype train, but she does serve as a welcome alternative to Nicki Minaj's dramatics and antics.

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