Get A Load Of Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel’ Selections

We're only a bit more than a month away from the release of Frank Ocean's official solo debut. Although he worked up a frenzy with "Pyramids," it seems that was only the tip of the iceberg as far Channel Orange is concerned. No only will his oft-covered smash "Thinkin'
Bout You" be included, but he's also bringing some heavy-hitting guests along for the ride. The elusive Andre 3000 will appear on "Pink Matter," a track that will come toward the end of the album. "White," which was featured on the Odd Future compilation, The OF Tape Vol. 2, will also be included in the set, with the addition of a guitar solo by none other than John Mayer. The only other feature is OF member Earl Sweatshirt on "Super Rich Kids." Outside of those, it looks to be an all Frank affair. So, how will this all sound? If only we knew that answer. Like you, we (mainly me) will be waiting to hear what Frank brings to the table this go 'round when Channel Orange drops July 17th.

Channel Orange tracklisting:

1. Start
2. Thinkin' Bout You
3. Fertilizer
4. Sierra Leone
5. Sweet Life
6. Not Just Money
7. Super Rich Kids (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
8. Pilot Jones
9. Crack Rock
10. Pyramids
11. Lost
12. White (feat. John Mayer)
13. Monks
14. Bad Religion
15. Pink Matter (feat. Andre 3000)
16. Forrest Gump
17. End

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