Imani Uzuri Sounds ‘Beautiful’ On ‘The Gypsy Diaries’

Bounce-Worthy vocalist Imani Uzuri hails from North Carolina, but it is evident in her music that she carries many different corners of the world around in her heart. There's a bit of West African energy in there, touches of the Caribbean, some Eastern European strength, but what unifies it all is her deep, strong and bluesy voice. On her freshly released album, The Gypsy Diaries, Uzuri takes the listener trekking with her through different places, spaces, feelings and encounters. Songs such as "Beautiful" with its soulfully folky vibe draw us in effortlessly and while this may not be the usual brand of soul that is featured on SoulBounce, it definitely has its place. This is music that makes you stop and question life, that makes you want to pack up your bags and journey down that road less traveled and take that moment to talk to that person sitting on the corner and hear their life story. Because the chances are high that when you do try something different, when you take yourself out of your safe box, that you will be pleasantly surprised, as Imani Uzuri surely shows on The Gypsy Diaries. Have a listen to "Beautiful" then watch musings on music and her journey after the bounce. The Gypsy Diaries is available now on Amazon and iTunes.

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