Meet Tweet ‘Face To Face’

Tweet has made Tuesdays our favorite day of the week here at SBHQ all this June. Over the span of four weeks and as many songs, she has reminded her adoring public why we loved her so much then and continue to love her now. The Southern Hummingbird has fluttered back onto our playlists with "Day Dreaming," "Trouble" and "C 4EVA" and now she delivers another winner with the track "Face To Face." Tweet sings over live instrumentation led by a funkdafied organ, which anchors the finger-snapping, good-time groove. She sings to her man that she can't wait to get some face time with him -- and not the kind that you can get over an iPhone or other Apple products. She wants the real thing, baby, and as syrupy sweet as she sounds, I bet she gets it. I don't know how long #TweetTuesdays are scheduled to last, but we'll take all what we can get until Simply Tweet is ready to fly.


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