Tamia Is A ‘Beautiful Surprise’

If you haven't already heard, my vocal crush, Tamia, is gearing up to release her fifth studio album, Beautiful Surprise, later this summer. It's hard to believe it has been six years since her last album Between Friends was released, but we're glad to see her making her way back to the music scene. The Ryan Pallota directed visuals for the album's first single have just been released on VH1, and like the title of the song, it is a "Beautiful Surprise." The funny thing is, this video already happened in my head. If you've ever seen, heard or read an interview with Tamia, you should know how strong her bond is with her husband of nearly 13 years, Grant Hill. Just listening to the words, you can imagine Mr. Hill surprising this real basketball wife and mother of two with an early return home. In the actual video, she's a lovely vision of anticipation, waiting alone in a Malibu mansion for her man to return. Scenes of her teasingly pulling at the borders of her dress while writhing on the marble floor are interspersed with with several shots of her in different parts of the home with the sun's rays accentuating her natural beauty. As expected, Grant makes his grand entrance near the end of the video, and the way he approaches his wife makes him even finer than he already is. This is a beautiful couple in a beautiful video for what is sure to be a beautiful new album.

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