Will You Be Tuning In To Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange?’

Well, well, well. What do we have here? It seems your boy Frank Ocean has been a busy little beaver. After posting a video to his Tumblr last month of him testing out a new song called "Summer Remains," he's gone and dropped this little cryptic gem. The video, which features a pimped-out synthesizer groove and a loving gaze upon a BMW station wagon (allusions to nostalgia, ULTRA's automotive-related cover maybe?), is understated and simple, with nary a vision of Frankie O. in sight. Then, after a short minute-and-a-half, the screen flashes to orange and we are left with the words "Channel Orange" (which are, again, stylized like nostalgia, ULTRA) and the date "7.17.12." So what does it all mean? Well, according to, Def Jam confirms that it means Frank's new album will indeed be called Channel Orange and that it will be released on July 17. Dropping cryptic promo for an album just over a month before it's released? Does anyone else find this a bit...bizarre? In any measure, judging by the feel of the as-yet-unnamed song, Channel Orange promises to definitely be one interesting ride when it's released. While you wait with bated breath, peep the viral video below.