Cody ChesnuTT Is Talkin’ About Your ‘Mama’

But he's talking about her in a good way, I promise. Cody ChesnuTT is prepping his return to the scene with the upcoming Landing on a Hundred, and new single "That's Still Mama" is actually a testament to the strong women who have helped raised generation after generation from young boys to men and calling for the respect that mamas everywhere deserve. The song is also Cody ChesnuTT speaking to some of the younger generations' wayward members who might not acknowledge or give these women their just due. One thing to notice here is the move from the lo-fi sounds of Cody's best known The Headphone Masterpiece. It seems that with this and "Under the Spell of the Handout," Cody is infusing his insightful lyrics with a much richer, soul-drenched backdrop this time around. With it sounding as good as this, how can anyone be mad at that? If you want to make sure that Landing on a Hundred makes it to the people, be sure to donate to Cody's Kickstarter campaign and check out "That's Still Mama" below.




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