Let Anthony Valadez & Anna Wise Rock You Fast ‘Asleep’

If I had my way, a weekly massage would be in order every time I had a long, stress-inducing day at the office. However, since such luxuries are wholly unrealistic on my budget, I often find myself turning to the next best thing: music. The right song can erase the worries of the day, just as good as a massage (and for a fraction of the cost). Anthony Valadez's album, Just Visiting, has become the soundtrack to my Calgon-take-me-away moments. One of my favorites on the album is Valadez's collabo with Sonnymoon frontwoman Anna Wise. Within the first few seconds, "Asleep" begins to work its soothing magic, much like those first moments of a massage. The recently released video for the single is equally as relaxing. Focused on shots of Wise as she cruises through the streets of Los Angeles after dark, the visuals are a perfect accompaniment to the song's ambient sounds with its sometimes blurry backdrop and muted lights. Press play on this one and brace yourself for this tranquil journey.

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