‘Make Some Room’ For Columbia Nights

Contrary to popular belief, Sade consists of more than just lead vocalist Sade Adu. This is made evident on songs were the rest of the band gets to show off over laid back grooves while Ms. Adu takes a back seat. One of these times is the rarely heard "Nothing Can Come Between Us" b-side "Make Room." Columbia Nights, the Bounce-Worthy gentlemen from Washington, DC, stumbled across this gem and decided to add their own spin to it. Enlisting the help of friends Vaughan Octavia on vocals and Brother Spanky on percussion, I'd say that the fellas' version is successful. Not only do they capture the vibe of the original, with its laid back ambiance and relaxing groove, they add a bit of their own flair with some guitar and spare adlibs that mimic Sade's own without being an exact copy. If you need something breezy this warm summer afternoon, then go ahead and make some room on today's playlist for this one.


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