Mara Hruby Is ‘Alright’ With Us

I hope all those who consider themselves soulful and bouncy know who Mara Hruby is. If you've been having a slumber party to Ms. Hruby, just lend an ear or two to her free 2010 debut EP, From Her Eyes, and you'll be well-versed in no time. All has been quiet on the Hruby front as of recent, but her classy n' cool self has emerged with yet another piece of decadent viewage. This time she gives her rendition of Jamiroquai's "Alright" and she sways and charms among the neon lights with backing back The Park in tow. It's been two years since Hruby has dropped From Her Eyes, and while I'm happy to see a new video from the project, I'm wondering what's next for the Bay Area songstress. As you drag your feet through the remaining hours of Monday, let Ms. Hruby take you to a comfort zone to help you along.

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