Mario Has What You Need To Make A Full ‘Recovery’

In an evermore crowded scene of male R&B crooners, one voice has been silent for some time now -- that of "Let Me Love You" fame, Mario. If rumor turns out to be reality, it seems he'll be bringing that quiet period to an end soon. A new song entitled "Recovery," possibly a leak from his recent studio sessions, has surfaced and it proves that the quarter-centurion is in fine form, poised to return to center stage. Although the video game-like sounds at the start of the Harmony "H-Money" Samuels-produced track are off-putting at first, they fade to a tolerable level once the beat drops. For more than four minutes, Mario tries his best to convince his lover to let him cure what ails her, singing, "I'll give you my strongest dose, mix it with a lot of love." We've heard this concept many times before, but with Mr. Barrett sounding so good on the mic, we're not sick of hearing it yet. If he keeps this up, his career, and not just his lady, will be making a full "Recovery."

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