Spend A Few ‘Moments’ In A Cab With Jessie Ware

The anticipation for Jessie Ware's debut album, Devotion, is at a fever pitch here at SBHQ. There are only a few more weeks of waiting left for its August 20th release, and between now and then we're drinking up all things Jessie to quench our thirst. And this live performance of her current single, "Wildest Moments," is like a tall glass of ice water -- served in the back of a taxicab no less. Recorded for London's Black Cab Sessions, Jessie is joined in the backseat of a taxi by two of her band members -- one on guitar and another on MPC -- and together they all create a beautiful acoustic rendition of "Wildest Moments" on the go. Ware shows that she's the real deal, sounding pretty perfect singing live in these cozy quarters. Take a satisfying ride with Jessie and company right now to destination Devotion.



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