Take A Few ‘Moments’ To Watch Jessie Ware’s New Video

There are simple yet effective videos, and then there are those that are so simple they verge on boring. Unfortunately, Jessie Ware's latest effort in support of her new single, "Wildest Moments," leans towards the latter. The song, a gorgeous '80's-tinged pop ballad, has been on repeat since it surfaced, so when I heard that the video had been released I dropped everything to give it a spin. The video opens with Jessie's silhouette and the song's dramatic drums and synths, setting the scene for something special, but it soon becomes apparent that all we are getting is Jessie -- granted, looking stunning -- standing on a revolving platform against a muted grey backdrop. I really wanted it to kick in after the first verse/chorus but I was out of luck. "Wildest Moments" is still one of my favorite songs of 2012, and Devotion is still one of my most eagerly-anticipated albums, but in all honesty I could have done without this video.