Watching Tamia Perform Is Always A ‘Beautiful Surprise’

Tamia and her powerful, yet tragically underrated voice lit up the Good Day New York stage on Friday with a live performance of "Beautiful Surprise." As fully expected, Mrs. Hill easily commanded the stage, hit all the right notes and then some. If anyone had still been sleeping, as many do on her, I think she woke them right up. Since there was no live studio audience there to fill in the awkward silence following her performance with what should've been raucous cheers, I did my best to compensate from the comfort of my home. Check out the video to hear a very personable Tamia talk about the secret to a long-lasting marriage to Grant Hill and her Diana Ross moment before knocking you over with that voice of hers. Be sure to pre-order Tamia's new CD, Beautiful Surprise, on iTunes or Amazon starting on Tuesday. The LP's August 28th release date can't come soon enough.

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