Azealia Banks Is Back In ‘Vogue’

Try as I might, it was impossible for me to avoid the tiny typhoon that is Azealia Banks. Hearing more about her Twitter stunts and shows, I'd originally dismissed her as another talentless rap pop tart that created beefs rather than quality records (i.e. her current frivolous beef with Jim Jones). Then, thanks to some folks around SBHQ, I heard her party-starter "Liquorice" and my views on here have changed a bit. Her fusion of modern hip hop and '90's-style house music is definitely something I can get down with, and her 1991 EP has become one of my go-to listens during my workouts. One of the better tracks from that set, "Van Vogue," has just gotten the video treatment. In the clip, Ms. Banks rocks the latest in neon-colored business suit couture as she stomps, splashes and swims around in water looking rather fierce. Yes, it's another clip that has nothing to do with the song (though I'm not exactly sure what a video that had to do with the song would actually look like). I must admit I'm looking forward to seeing what she does on her debut this fall.

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