Brook D’Leau Takes A ‘Little’ Beating For J*DaVeY’s ‘Tramp$’

The first time I listened to J*DaVeY's New Designer Drug, I immediately gravitated toward "Little Tramp$." With its fun drum bop and quirky organ riff, the track was just an all around fun time. Being that J*DaVeY rarely disappoints in the visual department, I knew that they would come up with a video to match the song's energy. Of course, they delivered. The premise of the stylish black-and-white video's concept is simple: Brook D'Leau gets beaten. Whether it's a Chuck Taylor to the head, boxer Holly Lawson's right cross to the face, a dog's paw to the eye or his own right hand to the chin, Brook takes a lickin' in the course of talking about his own series of unfortunate events. Fitting, since the track is all about Brook suffering all kinds of little blows to his ego. Of course Miss Jack Davey also joins in the fun as she looks fierce and fabulous in the background (along with their partner in crime Def Sound). With nods to Bob Fosse, Dean Martin and, ummm, Mike Tyson, it really is one knockout of a clip.

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