CeeLo Green Still Has Fans Going ‘Crazy’

Lollapalooza took place this weekend in Chicago, which meant I spent the past few days making excuses for why I managed to miss out on the three-day passes. But out-of-towners, music lovers and procrastinators were still given opportunities to check out some of their favorite acts before and after the Grant Park festivities. Among these performers was the lady killer himself CeeLo Green, who took the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago stage for a Lollapalooza pre-party. The attached footage, courtesy of GoWhereHipHop, features an enthusiastic Green performing one of his biggest hits, Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy." The crowd is eager for a good ol' fashioned sing-a-long, and while I swore back in 2006 that I could die happily without ever hearing the song again, I wasn't mad at this live performance. I doubt that the same excitement was shown when the Windy City's own Erin Martin of NBC's The Voice fame shame took the stage. Luckily for us, we are spared from any audio of this inevitable train wreck as we only get glimpse of her grabbing the microphone. I view this like I'd take a slasher scene cut short in a horror movie, sometimes your imagination makes the unseen happenings even more gruesome. So if you're in a Gnarls Barkley kind of mood, hit play and join me as I continue to justify missing it all.

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