ERIMAJ Gets ‘Social’ With A Little Help From Tiombe Lockhart

The last time we heard anything from Jamire Williams and his band ERIMAJ was when he and Tiombe Lockhart dropped the video for "Conflict of a Man". In the year (!) since then, there hasn't been much noise coming from their direction. That is, until now. Reuniting with Tiombe, ERIMAJ has dropped the second video from their upcoming (as in coming next week) album Conflict of a Man. This time around, we get introduced to "The Social Life," a moody slice of jazzy soul that once again features Chris Turner on vocals while the band supplies the groove. With the song's sense of longing and loss, Tiombe decided to express life "after the party is over" in the video treatment. We are introduced to Jamire and a young lady and their volatile relationship which is further complicated by her substance abuse and mood swings. It's an effective and artful presentation, and perhaps one of the most beautifully melancholy depictions of New York City i've ever seen in a video. ERIMAJ's Conflict of a Man is available for pre-order on iTunes now, with an expected release date of August 21st. [H/T: OKP]

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