Here’s One More Reason To Let Miguel ‘Adorn’ You

With his pompadour coiffed to perfection, Miguel steamed up a semi-abandoned building, spotting curious characters as he walked, and sometimes ran, the halls in his new video for "Adorn." At one point, he looked about as confused about what was going on as I did, but spent much of his time in the romantic setting of a public bathroom convincing a net-faced beauty to let his love "adorn" her. Through the kaleidoscopic lighting (more on the relevance of that in a minute), Miguel delivers an unusual but interesting complement to this expanded version of "Adorn." He may even induce the onset of aquaphobia, but you'll have to watch the video to find out why.

After the bounce

The underrated, but greatly appreciated talent already gave us the Art Dealer Chic trilogy earlier this year, but he'll be releasing even more new music in the coming months. Rather than giving us the goods all at once, Miguel split the release into three parts -- two EPs followed by the full album, Kaleidoscope Dream, but I'll need your attention to explain. Ready? The first EP is Kaleidoscope Dream: Water Preview, and is available now. The second EP, Kaleidoscope Dream: Air Preview, will be released on September 11th. You can get the full album containing the songs from the EPs and five others on October 2nd. Got that? Now check out the visuals for the sexy slow jam and watch as Miguel adorns your screen with an authentic brand of style and confidence reserved only for those truly in possession of that special something.



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