Ledisi Hangs With Prince, Cosigns Andy Allo

When you're an in-demand talent like Ledisi, hanging out with legendary superstars like Prince is all in a day's work. Or make that a weekend, which is what Ledisi recently spent at his place. Please excuse me while I faint, but Led was able to keep all of her faculties after spending time in the presence of the Purple Yoda. Interestingly enough, the highlight of her weekend jaunt wasn't his royal flyness but was instead Andy Allo.

If you've been reading SoulBounce for any length of time, you may recall that way before Prince took Andy under his purple wing, we recognized her as Bounce-Worthy back in 2009. Clearly a lot has happened since then as she has been touring the world with Mr. Rogers Nelson as part of the NPG, become his latest protegee and is readying the release of her sophomore album, Superconductor, produced by the man himself. That album is what Ledisi got to hear firsthand during her visit, and yesterday she took to social media to gush about the album and the artist. Posting on both Facebook and Twitter, Led complemented Andy on her voice, songwriting and musicianship and spoke very highly of her first single, "People Pleaser." Ledisi's excitement about Allo's upcoming project has me wanting to get my hands on it yesterday, but thankfully there are only a few more weeks left before its release date.

Read Ledisi's love letter about Andy and her new album below and circle Superconductor's September 20th release date in red on your calendars.

[Photo: Justine Walpole]

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