Maimouna Youssef Takes Us On A Trip To ‘Brazil’

The 2012 Olympics may have just ended on Sunday, but people are already looking forward to the next summer Olympics in four years. Not necessarily to see if Usain Bolt will come back to the track to smoke another round of competitors but because the 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro. I have friends who are already making plans to travel to Brazil during that time, and after watching Maimouna Youssef's new video for her song "Meet Me In Brazil" I'm taking that as a sign that I seriously need to consider making the trip. I don't know if I can wait for another four years, though, because the tropical rhythms of this cut from Maimouna's debut album The Blooming have me wanting to call up a travel agent right now. Bump Calgon, MuMu Fresh has taken me away to the South American paradise with a little help from actor Lamman Rucker who plays her husband in the video and fellow DMV-area singer Kenny Wesley who plays a waiter at a Brazilian bar. Palm trees, sand, sun and bright colors add to the visual appeal of the Brian Kyle Atkins-directed video. Press play and take a mini-vacation with Maimouna and friends.

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