SpectraSoul ‘Light’ Up The Drum ‘n’ Bass Sound

Whenever someone mentions drum 'n' bass music my thoughts immediately turn to its '90's incarnation and images of teenagers driving round late at night in souped-up family run-arounds. Those of you familiar with UK city centers around this time will know what I am talking about, but for those of you who aren't, let's just say if they decided to drive past your house the decibel level would certainly threaten your eardrums and any glassware at hand. Times have changed and, so I'm told, D'n'B has moved on a long way. Judging by this track from Brighton-based duo SpectraSoul, I am inclined to agree. Featuring British songstress Terri Walker, "Light In the Dark" features the obligatory skittish percussion and deep bassline, but there is also a heavy helping of soul in the mix. The track is taken from their latest album, Delay No More, which is available now.

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