Are You ‘OK’ With Big Boi’s New Video?

It may be a holiday today, but for those who still have to work hard for the money, this is advance warning that the following music video is NSFW. With that out of the way, feast your eyes on the titillating (heh) visuals for Big Boi's "She Said OK" featuring Theophilus London and Tre Luce. With a chorus that rhymes "tittays" with "kitty" and references to all manners of ratchetness in general, this video could have gone left in so many ways, but it's actually quite tasteful considering the subject matter. I appreciate that Big Boi and nem didn't go the tired (although tried and true) strip club route with this. Instead, this video is like an Ohio Players album cover come to life with classy close-ups of body parts to give it a sexy yet not raunchy feel. Even the scene with Big Boi's big head concealing a video vixen's naughty bits while she writhes on a bed is equal parts amusing and arousing as you wait for his head or her arm to slip. Take a gander for yourself and see what physical response this video triggers. 

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