Azealia Banks Is Living In The Lap Of ‘Luxury’

I literally just listened to Azealia Banks' Fantasea mixtape earlier this week at the behest of a good friend who couldn't stop raving about it, and we ended up having an impromptu listening party in my car. I wasn't exactly sleeping on Fantasea, but with all the music that I am bombarded with on the regular, it was added to my ever-expanding folder of music to listen to at some point (only to be forgotten about). Well, that point is now, and I'm officially loving Fantasea as it carries on the hip-house vibe of 1991. Banks had made me a believer over the past few months thanks in large part to the visuals that also accompany her songs. She's delivered another cute clip with the black-and-white video for "Luxury." Azealia takes us back to the "212" and traipses around New York City with the dancers previously spotted in the vid for "1991" in tow. Director Clarence Fuller catches Banks serving sexy urban hipster cowgirl realness with her luxurious tresses flowing in the wind while she alternates between singing and rapping. The bad news is that this video is less than three minutes long, but don't despair because more visuals are on the way soon from Yung Rapunxel.

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