Bounce-Worthy: Alex Isley

Carrying the last name made legendary by her father and uncles, it should come as no surprise that Alex Isley, daughter of Ernie Isley, is a talented vocalist. Continuing their legacy, Alex invokes their classic R&B spirit, but pairs it with a more modern, atmospheric musical style (think current go-to-girl for inspiration, Aaliyah) bringing her in line with current artists such as Rochelle Jordan. What differentiates Alex from the pack though is the fact that, not only does she possess a great voice --pretty much a given considering her pedigree-- she also wrote and produced her entire debut EP, The Love/Art Memoirs. A triple-threat indeed. Trying to pick a song or two from the seven-track collection was too much like hard work, so you can stream the EP in full after the bounce, then head here to download it for the oh-so-great price of free. [H/T: PBB]

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